Love and Financial Security

As much as many of us would like to think money has no bearing on relationships, that is simply not the case. From early dating to long-term relationships, financial stability plays an important role in our dating experiences. In this article, we will be focusing on long-term dating and financial security and how you can discuss your finances together. Here are three tips on how to tactfully manage your finances with your partner.

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1 – Be Upfront

This is especially important if you have filed for bankruptcy or have a large amount of outstanding debt to your name such as student loans. While this may not be a first date discussion, once you and your partner start getting serious you have to be honest and upfront about any financial issues you may have that could affect the two of you.


2 – Budgeting

At some point you two will want to move in together, and how you both budget is important. If one person is very strict and organized while the other spends freely – you will run into arguments and problems when you start sharing expenses. Discuss how you budget and work together to find a happy medium between the two styles.


3 – Joint Accounts

When you are living together and sharing expenses, a joint account allows you both to pay things together from your joint account. This should be separate from your individual accounts where paychecks are deposited, allowing for some autonomy in purchasing power for each of you. Agree on a set monthly amount to deposit and deal with emergencies as they come up.

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